Wall have ears and so do plants!

Well OK, so neither walls nor plants have actual ears however it seems that somehow plants do sense and react to vibrations. Recent research at the University of Missouri has shown that plants react defensively to the munching of a caterpillar but not to the noise, to the vibration.

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Black Tom

Indigo Rose Black Tomatoes – the ripening process

We’ve had some great feedback from customers growing our brand new Indigo Rose tomato but also some questions as to how to tell when the fruits are ripe. This blog should help if you too are slightly baffled.

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Eating Peas

Peas and Runner Beans Produce Bumper Crops

Peas and runner beans like warm sunny weather so it’s no surprise that many of us have had bumper crops this year. We’ve received several emails and letters from customers delighted with their crops. It seems that right across the country peas and runner beans are clambering up homemade wigwams and clinging to plastic netting and canes. With their attractive and often jazzy red flowers they will also be adding nicely to the colour in our gardens. Continue Reading

growing for Showing winners

Growing for Showing – The results!

That’s it – show time!

All those weeks of sowing, growing, nurturing and care have finally come to fruition. Produce was on the table and the judges have made their decisions. And tell you what – I’m delighted.

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Alstroemeria High Society Mix Seeds

Alstroemeria – The plant that doesn’t know when to stop flowering!


If your garden was about to be destroyed which plant would you save? Without a doubt my choice would be the alstroemeria.

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