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November Allotment Tips

At this time of year on the allotment I always feel an inherent need to tidy up! With that in mind, now is the perfect time to gather fallen leaves to make leaf mould. Putting the leaves in a biodegradable leaf sack is a simple way to store the leaves while they rot down out of the way in a corner somewhere. This will take around twelve months.

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Geranium Still Going Strong After 18 Years

Geraniums or Pelargoniums? No matter what name we choose to use these attractive plants are a very familiar summer sight. My father would plant them formally with corresponding rows of lobelia, salvias, etc. whereas today a more informal spot planting approach is more common. Many have attractive foliage which combined with the usually strong colours makes them a true stalwart in many planting schemes.

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Busy Bees

Artisan Bumble Bee Mix Tomatoes

Hopefully you’ve noticed that our range of tomato seeds has got even bigger for 2015 with the addition of many new and exciting varieties. In all we’ve both tested and tasted over 200 tomatoes to bring you the very best of this year’s introductions.

Many of these new varieties come with a story. Some have been bred by experts whilst some have been discovered by experimental clever amateurs. All have taken a great deal of time to develop to the stage and quality where they can be made available commercially. The unique Artisan Bumble Bee Mix was bred in large by 8-year old Alex Hempel. Read on for his story as told by proud father and tomato breeder, Fred Hempel.

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Fruit Trees and Ornamental Trees will be affected

21st October = Apple Day!

Apple trees originated in the Middle East over 4,000 years ago and have been cultivated in the UK since roman times. So why have we only been celebrating Apple Day since 1990?

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Giraffe Comp 2

School Wins Sunflower Competition

Suttons Seeds ran a competition in conjunction with South West in Bloom this year. We supplied schools with some free Sunflower Giraffe seeds and challenged them to grow the tallest. The prize on offer was the height of the tallest sunflower in standing £1 coins. The winning school was Combe Down Primary School from Bath with a sunflower that reached 315 cms, Suttons Seeds presented them with a cheque for £160 this week.

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