Fruit Trees and Ornamental Trees will be affected

21st October = Apple Day!

Apple trees originated in the Middle East over 4,000 years ago and have been cultivated in the UK since roman times. So why have we only been celebrating Apple Day since 1990?

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Giraffe Comp 2

School Wins Sunflower Competition

Suttons Seeds ran a competition in conjunction with South West in Bloom this year. We supplied schools with some free Sunflower Giraffe seeds and challenged them to grow the tallest. The prize on offer was the height of the tallest sunflower in standing £1 coins. The winning school was Combe Down Primary School from Bath with a sunflower that reached 315 cms, Suttons Seeds presented them with a cheque for £160 this week.

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Walnut Tree

Going Nuts about Trees

Nut trees deserve a place in our gardens just as much as other fruit trees yet they seem to be pretty sparse with no apparent reason. They are attractive, can grow very big but are available on dwarf rootstock, they have attractive blossom, are easy to prune and their fruit can be delicious. Perhaps it’s time for a rethink? As with all home produce the key is to grow what you like to eat.

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Calendula – October’s Birth Flower

The birth flower for October is the Calendula, otherwise known as the Marigold or Pot Marigold. In total there are about 20 different species, some annual and some perennial, all belonging to the daisy family, Asteraceae. Prolific self-seeders, Calendula seeds will flower from June through to first frosts.

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Letter to our Customers – 1914

“It will be a satisfaction to those who have for so many years supported our House to know that we have been able to maintain our large staff at full time and on full pay, even though for several months of the year the demand for seeds is never in any way commensurate with the heavy weekly wages bill.

No fewer than 75 of our employees have responded to the call of their King and Country. Their places have been kept open and assistance given to the dependants of married men.

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