Planting Seed Potatoes

March Allotment Tips

My allotment is on hold! The meteorological spring may well have been the first day of March but the soil is still rather cold and very wet. Horticulturally, we are still some way off spring here in the north of England. When your allotment is wet like this, it is best to keep off the soil. Otherwise you will do more harm than good, even if you are itching to get started like I am.

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Tomatoes 1

Wondering which Tomato to Grow?

Tomatoes come in all shapes, sizes and colours with some being happy growing direct in the garden and others preferring the protection of a greenhouse. Some require a large amount of space, some can be grown in small pots and others are both decorative and productive when grown in hanging baskets.

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Sweet potato

Sweet Potatoes (Ipomoea batatas)

Potato season has started with many seed potatoes chitting away in preparation for planting in a few weeks’ time and others ordered and on their way. We all have our favourite varieties but how about also trying something new this year and growing sweet potatoes?

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Tibouchina Baby

Purple Flower Colour Scheme

As with so many keen gardeners I am an avid listener to BBC Radio 4’s Gardener’s Question Time. Amazingly the programme has been going strong since 1947 and over the years is believed to have answered more than 30,000 questions. It’s no wonder many very experienced gardeners still refer to themselves as being amateurs – there’s just so much to learn!

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Seed potatoes in a chitting tray

February Allotment Tips

It is fair to say the last few weeks haven’t been allotment gardening weather! Pleasingly now the days are lengthening and the gardening calendar is moving on.

Despite the cold I had a pleasant surprise at the end of January, when I unexpectedly harvested some beetroot directly out of the ground. From a July sowing the variety “Moneta” has been a revelation. The frost and bad weather hasn’t bothered it at all, here in the north of England. This variety also has the big plus point of not needing to be thinned as young plants.

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