Growing Hardy Annuals

Trees, shrubs and perennials provide the structure to a garden and create and maintain constant interest as they change through the seasons however for vivid, albeit temporary, summer colour hardy annuals take a lot of beating. Continue Reading

Kalim Farooqui's garden

Suttons Seeds Bloom in Karachi

Back in April 2010 our blog shared with you photos taken in Mr Kalim Farooqui’s wonderful gardens at Karachi, Pakistan. We are lucky enough to have just received new photos taken this year and again feel that some of you will enjoy seeing this beautiful, colourful garden, grown from Suttons seed. Continue Reading

Lawn Seed

Preparing Lawns for Summer

Lawns require a little extra care at the time of year, the reward being beautiful green carpets in the summer. Winter can be tough on lawns, especially for those that have been walked on in frosty or wet weather and the family dog probably won’t have helped either! Now is the time to repair those bare patches, remove the moss and clear away any weeds. Continue Reading


Sunflower Giraffe Competition

Win the Height of your Sunflower Giraffe in £coins!

To celebrate 2015 being the Year of the Sunflower we’d like to invite all our customers to take part in a competition to see who can grow the tallest sunflower Giraffe and to win £££’s. Sunflowers are so easy to grow and such a great favourite with children and wildlife that we’re hoping a bumper number of you will wish to take part. Continue Reading


Stacks of Flavour

Our exciting new Stacks of Flavour range has just been launched. Designed in association with James Wong our beautiful rustic personalised crates are ideal for creating a mini veg garden on a balcony, roof garden or small patio. Continue Reading