My Garden Diary – Reminders for October 1914

Please find below October’s gardening advice from 1914. Many of the tasks still apply today with October being a busy month for us gardeners. Winter vegetables need attention and bulb planting continues. Pop along to Facebook and let us know what’s top of your To Do List for October. We’d love to know!
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1918 Flower Catalogue

Flowers in War Time

For something that is often very small a flower has the ability to provoke intensely strong emotions. Flowers bring joy and also give comfort to those who are sad or unwell. We give flowers to the mother of a new-born child to welcome him or her to the world. We include flowers as we celebrate birthdays, weddings and other special occasions. We also place flowers on the coffins of our loved ones as part of our final farewell. Few things in this world have the power to express our emotions so well yet perhaps in times of national crisis the production of flowers instead of food could be considered frivolous.

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Care in the Community Plants

Each season Suttons send out millions of plants. They make their way to their final destination, without any difficulty, ready to be nurtured and to grow into healthy flowers and vegetables.

Michelle 1Sometimes, just sometimes, for whatever reason, some don’t arrive and are lost somewhere in the postal system. What happens to them? I hear you ask. Well, some of them are returned to us. They arrive dejected, battered and a little worse for wear, but can usually be salvaged and quickly find new homes. Continue Reading

Wall have ears and so do plants!

Well OK, so neither walls nor plants have actual ears however it seems that somehow plants do sense and react to vibrations. Recent research at the University of Missouri has shown that plants react defensively to the munching of a caterpillar but not to the noise, to the vibration.

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Black Tom

Indigo Rose Black Tomatoes – the ripening process

We’ve had some great feedback from customers growing our brand new Indigo Rose tomato but also some questions as to how to tell when the fruits are ripe. This blog should help if you too are slightly baffled.

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