What’s so special about spring?

Throughout the cold and dark of the winter months many of us long for spring. The time for rebirth, renewal of growth, green shoots and a thousand and one other clichés. The word “spring” has several meanings. It is to suddenly jump upwards or forwards, a natural source of water, a fitment in a chair or bed and of course it is also the season between winter and summer.

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Shrubs for Air Raid Shelter Gardening!

When people are passionate about something they tend to enjoy sharing that passion with like-minded people and we are lucky enough to have a great many customers who fit with that description.

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Suttons and Burncoose Nurseries

Suttons are very pleased to have teamed up with award winning Burncoose nurseries, based in Cornwall. Through this arrangement Suttons customers now have access to the Burncoose wide range of shrubs, trees, herbaceous and ornamental plants. A range that includes early 4,000 varieties! And of course this is in addition to the already extensive range offered by Suttons. Buying plants from the comfort of your home has never been easier, or more enjoyable.

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Edible Tuberous Begonia

Very popular during Queen Victoria’s reign the use of edible flowers is on the rise again today. Restaurants and home cooks use edible flowers to add a touch of class and elegance to a dish with many also enhancing a dish with their own unique flavour.

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Planting Seed Potatoes

March Allotment Tips

My allotment is on hold! The meteorological spring may well have been the first day of March but the soil is still rather cold and very wet. Horticulturally, we are still some way off spring here in the north of England. When your allotment is wet like this, it is best to keep off the soil. Otherwise you will do more harm than good, even if you are itching to get started like I am.

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