Vintage Suttons Seeds Tin

One Man’s Junk

In 1806 Suttons Seeds was founded in Reading by John Sutton. Offices, warehouses and other buildings covered 6 acres of land behind a shop in Market Place. Continue Reading


VE Day – Victory in Europe

It can’t have escaped your notice that today is the 70th anniversary of VE Day. The day when war in Europe officially ended with the Allies formally accepting the unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany. Continue Reading

Tree heather

In Praise of the Tree Heather

In my garden I have very few rules when it comes to what plants I choose to grow but I do like to be able eat them, smell them or simply enjoy looking at them. That gives me a pretty wide range of plants to choose from! Continue Reading


May Allotment Tips

My allotment has moved on apace since last month. Spring certainly sprung in April and our plots have responded and look great for it!

winter covering fleece for frost protection from suttons seedsBoth second early and maincrop potatoes should now be close to emerging if they are not already through. A key focus of the month is therefore the need to keep an eye out for frost for those of us who grow potatoes. Frost severely blackens and destroys the foliage of potatoes. Though the plants often recover, it can severely set them back.Two days after my early potatoes came through on April 21st we had a ground frost on two of the next three nights. At the end of April we had another fairly keen frost. Fortunately a combination of Continue Reading

Growing Hardy Annuals

Trees, shrubs and perennials provide the structure to a garden and create and maintain constant interest as they change through the seasons however for vivid, albeit temporary, summer colour hardy annuals take a lot of beating. Continue Reading